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Kind Request...

All Jain Devotee are requested to gratify your lives by contributing and supporting to the great success of this Namokar Tirth through Service and Donation which is derived from the holy & noble vision of Pragyshraman Sarswatachary Devnandi ji Gurudev to benifit all human being in differnet ways by different aspects of Namokar Mahamantra.

You can become supporter in the construction of the shrine Namokar Tirth in the following ways:
By Donating in Medicine Donation, Food Donation, etc become a supporter in creation of this noble Tirth and feel please to secure history and rituals of Jainism for thousands of years.

Bank Details :
Pragyashraman Digamber Jainacharya Devnandi Trust.
SBI A/C No.- 33649625591
Branch - Chandwad (Nasik)