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Blessings of Acharya - Guruvar

  Param Pujya Sarswatachary, Srwodayi Rashtrasant, Pragyashraman 108 Acharya Shri Devnandi Gurudev received special grace, blessings and guidance from Gnadhipati Ganadharachary Shri Kunthusagr for the creation of this Namokar Teerth, conceptualised and determined by himself. He get Tue Blessings of all the param pujya Acharya and Muni sangh across the India as well.
Jain and non-jain society will feel lucky and proud to have a wonderful inspiration by Construction of this shrine of the Jain faith through education and devototional Social Ratnatrayees.
Namokar Teerth - A Jain Knowledge City
First time in the world, Introduction of Jain Culture and Principles through Animation and Music.
Lively manner Samavsharan by Advance, Modern and latest Technology.
World Tue Nmokar spells and Vidya Jain Research Center.
Spiritual Development Center of Individuals and Community.
Huge and wonderful statues of Panch Parmeshti.
Fully equipped Education Center.
Huge and Nice Garden.
Saraswati Temple.
Vast Hall.
Good Hospice Facility with all Amenities.
Cessation Temple: A Liberation from adiction.
Temple of Atonement.
Guru Temple.
Mobile Hospital Operations.
Meditation Temple.
Wonderful creation of Samadhi Mandir, etc.
And re-viewing and listening Attractions.