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Education Center

Universal Education Facility...

The creation of a strong society is not based on only faith but also all components of society must be educated. By adopting modern education and moral spiritual wisdom, today human can become power for own family, community and country. Today primary education is necessary, but traditional education is not just enough. Resolution of establish of an important center of higher education on this pilgrimage is the outcome of the ideology and inspiration of Pujya Gurudev.

With college education from primary education to higher level- a vision of higher vocational education training center where Company Secretary, Managament education, etc to be established and Training will be provided for the same on this pilgrimage. With the vision of globalization, micro branches of science, art, language, science and medical education will also be provided here by the inspiration Purjy Guru Ji.

It may be remarkably mentioned here that Gurudeva also want to have spiritual touch of Jainism philosophy through research and developement with all these modern science branches. To assimilate the basic principles of Jainism, arrangements of question bank consisting of more than 10,000 questions would be made here.
Ranging from primary education to higher education is also being planned with a good hostel facilities for all Jain students with minimal small fees.