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Aradhana Center

Adoration of Namokar Mahamantra...

Faith, education, service, ethics, organization, coordination and cooperation coordinated by the idea of the pre-construction concept of Tirth Namokar gives encouragement to each Namokar Tirth disciple.

The mantra refers to the powers of the glory of ancient mythology meets sufficiency. Devotee will research on this Namokar worship spell in the Aradhana Center.
Panchparmeshti is the Source for power of the Namokar Spell. An unprecedented experiment for realization of different properties of Panchparmeshti told by Tirthankar have been planed on this Namokar Tirth.

This Tirth will consists of 46 feet heighted Stone Idol of "Arihant Parmeshti" showing their 46 attributes, 36 feet Idol of "Sidhha Parmeshti" showing their its 8 attributes through pictorial view, 36 feet Idol of "Acharya Parmeshti" showing their 36 attributes, 25 feet Idol "Upadhyay Parmeshti" representing their 25 attributes and 28 feet Idol of "Sadhu Parmeshti" showing their 25 attributes as mentioned in the mythological books of Jianism. These Idols will be supported by moving pictures which will be one of the main attraction of this Tirth.