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Mobile Hospital

On the Inspiration of Acharya Shri

  करुणा मूर्ती श्री की भावना बडी दिलदार,
महॅंगाई के युग में गरीबों का कॉन है साथीदार |

रोगियों की निःशुल्क सेवा का किया इन्होंने विचार,
णमोकार विकित्सा रथ के माध्यम से,
जन मानस को हुआ हर्ष अपार ||
Now a days, go to the hospitals for treatment in such era of inflation is so difficult job for the mankind. Most of the time, in the absence of treatment poor people makes the immersion of their life due to lack of treatment. When these pain became unbearable for Acharya Shri, he have given motivation to start Namokar medical chariot equipped with all facilities which will travle through all the way in rural area to serve the poor people.

More than ten thousand people's eye operation, Jaipur Foot, hearing aids, Wheal-chair, ECG, blood pressure, glucose, etc. free service have been departed to patients through this welfare activity. People see you succeed in this sense has created blossomed satisfaction in their mind.
Life Membership : You can become life member in this spiritual noble act by doanting Rs 11000 per person. By this you will be a part of this nobal Act and you will be honoured with the Certificate and other special things from Acharya Devnandiji.

To Donate for Namokar Mobile Hospital deposit Rs 11000/- in following Account:

Bank Name - HDFC
A/C no - 07367620000023
Contact person name - Brahmachari Vaishali Didi
Mobile No - +91-9448691185