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Accepted by mankind as a world wide fundamentally non-violence based religion of Jainism is the ultimate knowledge base was used by preach from the Lord Tirthankar and the Soul who have attained Panch Parmeshti stage by giving first place to Tirthankar and following their path. Namokar Spell is a way to tribute such holy Soul.

By praying this undefeated and tue Namokar spell all beings are moved towards the path of Salvation. It is coordinated by the Bijakshron unfailing mantra is to give strength and ultimate comfort.

After deep Contemplation on this Maha Mantra Param Pujya Pragyashraman Srvodayee National Saint Saraswatacharya Shree 108 Devnandiji Gurudev has this ontological spirit to emergence of Tirth where a particular research on Namokar Mantra will be done. This Tirth contained Pancprmeshti- Arihant, Sidhha, Acharya, Upadhyaya and Sadhu Prmeshti to be a true representation of their properties with Image. This pilgrimage will be like Ratnatraya. Here, there will be great confluence of devotion, Educationand Service along with a golden traingle of Faith, discipline and Care for all.

This prolong thought about this auspicious determination of Namokar Tirth by param pujya Acharya shree have been finalised and started at Atishay Khetra KACHNER ji and a huge land of 40 Acrs near Chandwad on Nashik-Dhule Road (Mumbai - Delhi National Highway No. 3) have been selected for this Ultimate Shrine.

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Namokartirth darshanNamokartirth paras darshan

A Pair of Nag-Nagin have came for Mangal Darshan of Param Pujya Pragyashraman Saraswatacharya Devnandi Gurudev on the occassion of Rishi Panchami. They seat around 35 mins near Gurudev.

Hundreds of people have seen this magnificent scene. Gurudev blessed the Nag-nagin pair with his blessings and Namokar Maha-mantra.

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Foundation and Land Worship ceremony of Namokar Tirth which is going to developed in the direction of Gurudev Achary Shree Devnandiji have been conducted in the presence of thousands of devotees and ownerable guest on February 8, 2014.
The construction of Tyagi Niwas and Aahar Bhavan will be completed in just 2 months.